Go Northwest is single day, community driven conference devoted to the Go programming language. It will be held at McCaw Hall in the Seattle Center with easy access to public transit. We are anticipating attendance from 200-300 people from the Go community.

Our attendees are software developers who write in Go, whether they be novices, experts, contributors, or maintainers. Fun, quirky talks and audience participation are encouraged.

Go Northwest seeks to build a community with our neighbors from all around the PNW, from Vancouver to Oregon, Washington to Montana.

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  • Tess Rinearson

    An Over-Engineering Disaster with Macaroons

    Tess Rinearson @_tessr

    Tess Rinearson is a software engineer at Chain, where she works on Chain Core, an open source, enterprise-grade blockchain. Previously, Tess was a full-stack engineer at Medium, where she helped build the social graph service and other infrastructure. She studied computer science at the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Sam Kreter

    Introduction to Modern Data Science with Go

    Sam Kreter @samkreter

    Sam Kreter is a software engineer at Microsoft working on Azure Container Instances built on Kubernetes. Previously, he worked as a research assistant at the Center for Geospatial Intelligence, based out of the University of Missouri, building real-time video tracking software. He is obsessed with Go and loves bringing it into any project possible.

  • Michael Sorens

    Unit Testing: Tips from the Trenches

    Michael Sorens

    Michael Sorens, a software engineer at Chef Software, is passionate about the craft of software design and development--and sharing that passion. He has over 100 published articles and wallcharts, 4 open-source projects, over 22K reputation on StackOverflow, and has taught/presented both inside and outside the workplace. He has worked in over 2 dozen languages, so brings a unique background to understanding the Go ecosystem. His favorite project to date: designing and implementing the world's smallest word processor, where the medium was silicon, the printer 'head' was a laser, and the Declaration of Independence literally fit on the head of a pin.

  • Jeffrey Richter

    Using Reflection to implement enumerated types

    Jeffrey Richter @JeffRichter

    Jeffrey Richter is an Azure Software Architect and authored several best-selling Windows & .NET programming books as well as many MSDN magazine articles. He is also a co-founder of Wintellect, a software consulting and training company where he has authored many videos available on WintellectNOW.

  • David Crawshaw

    SQLite and Go

    David Crawshaw @davidcrawshaw

    David Crawshaw is a software engineer. Until recently he worked at Google on the Go programming language. He is currently working on something new.

  • Hsing-Hui Hsu

    A Rubyist’s (poignant) guide to Go

    Hsing-Hui Hsu @SoManyHs

    Hsing-Hui is a Gopher by day and Rubyist by night. She is an alum of the first cohort of Ada Developers Academy and currently works as an open source maintainer. She likes learning languages (both computer and human), cleaning up code, and petting all the good doggos.

  • Jose Niño

    Go in the Envoy Ecosystem

    Jose Niño @junr03

    Jose is the lead for Dev Tooling and Configuration on the Networking team at Lyft. During the nearly two years he's been at Lyft, Jose has been instrumental in creating systems to scale configuration of Lyft's Envoy production environment for increasingly large deployments and engineering orgs. He has worked as an open source Envoy maintainer, and he has nurtured Envoy's growing community. More recently, Jose has moved on to scaling Lyft's network load tolerance systems. Jose has spoken about Envoy and other related topics at several venues, most recently at Kubecon EU 2018.

  • Stephen McQuay

    Go idioms discovered building a system package manager

    Stephen McQuay @smcquay

    Stephen studied mechanical engineering where he fell in love with coaxing computers to help him solve problems. He has spent the past five years building distributed systems and infrastructure software. He enjoys making music, playing (and typically losing) the game of Go, and hiking with his children.

  • Jaana Burcu Dogan

    Tracing Go

    Jaana Burcu Dogan @rakyll

    Jaana B. Dogan is working on OpenCensus, an instrumentation framework for distributed systems, at Google. Previously, she worked on Go and has a decade-long experience in building developer platforms and tools.

  • Hayley Denbraver

    We Are 3000 Years Behind: Let's Talk About Engineering Ethics

    Hayley Denbraver @hayleydenb

    Hayley Denbraver is a web developer in San Diego, California. She is a career switcher who used to work as a licensed civil engineer. Her civil engineering projects included working on a hotel near Disneyland (It is awesome!) and anchoring air conditioners to hospital roofs (They are awesome too!). As a civil engineer she had a stamp with her name on it, but as a web developer you can find her name by using git blame. Hayley is an avid contributor to her company's #cute-animals slack channel. The best part of her job includes helping to onboard new, internally trained devs. She is a member of a two developer household, which you should consider before accepting her dinner party invitation. Hayley's 2018 stretch goal is to acquire a golden retriever--name suggestions are welcome.

  • Gavin Chun Jin

    Implementing ping(8) in Go

    Gavin Chun Jin @GavinGastown3

    Gavin Chun Jin is a software developer turned devops engineer. He programs mostly in Python & Go. His interests are in cryptography, philosophy & trail running. Once, he beat Ben Gibbard (lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie) - in an ultra-marathon.

  • Katrina Ellison Geltman

    Code Generation: Go's Secret Weapon

    Katrina Ellison Geltman katrina

    Katrina is a software engineer at cloud hosting provider DigitalOcean, where her team creates tools for building and interacting with virtual machines. In her spare time, she likes skiing and hiking.

  • Jayapriya Surendran

    Probabilistic Data Structures Using Go

    Jayapriya Surendran @jayapriya90

    Jayapriya Surendran is a Software Engineer at Cloudflare currently building web services using Go. Prior to Cloudflare, Jayapriya worked at Athenahealth, One Kings Lane, and Uber. She is passionate about Large Scale Distributed Systems and enjoys reading, running and traveling during her free time.

  • Brad Fitzpatrick

    Go 1.11 and beyond

    Brad Fitzpatrick @bradfitz

    Brad Fitzpatrick is a software engineer at Google working on the Go programming language. He’s a hacker probably best known for LiveJournal, memcached, Perkeep (née Camlistore), and OpenID.

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McCaw Hall - Seattle Center
321 Mercer Street. Seattle, WA


Code of Conduct

We are an inclusive community. Please read our Community Code of Conduct and please make your fellow Gophers feel welcome!


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